9-Jun-2018Tippecanoe, IN(17 miles)Items Wanted
Need a cheap or possibly free tv remote control that will work for an LG 42CS560. I have been told that any LG remote should work. Thank you.
29-May-2018Tippecanoe, IN(17 miles)Items Wanted
Would be awesome if I could get a 2 cycle 25 cc engine.
29-May-2018Tippecanoe, IN(17 miles)Items Wanted
I can use your unwanted tomato cages please. I also can use your black plastic vegetable/flower pots.
27-May-2018Tippecanoe, IN(17 miles)Items Wanted
I'm looking for a scale that's used in a doctor's office with a height rod. The scale does not need to be accurate.
27-May-2018Tippecanoe, IN(17 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for any kind of working DSLR camera and possibly a lens. Doesn t matter how old or what model
27-May-2018Tippecanoe, IN(17 miles)Items Wanted
The one I have doesn't work well and constantly needs its filter cleaned. Not looking for anything fancy, just something that will work well on carpets. Thanks!
24-May-2018Tippecanoe, IN(17 miles)Items Wanted
I can use your plant pots please. They are usually the black colored gal size but any would be fine. Thank you
8-May-2018Tippecanoe, IN(17 miles)Items Wanted
I am looking for a working computer/laptop for my child to do her school work on
23-Apr-2018Tippecanoe, IN(17 miles)Items Wanted
I am an Apple and Macintosh Collector, and am always on the lookout for Apple Computers, Macintosh Systems, monitors, Disks, CDs, trinkets, old systems, Newtons, stuff that you have sitting on your basement looking to make some room. I have a museum of Apple-ness that I call it, wanting to add stuff to it. I like anything Apple Related, if you have some stuff, please let me know.
23-Apr-2018Tippecanoe, IN(17 miles)Items Wanted
I am looking for Pull Behind Lawn/Garden tools I can attach to the back of my riding mower, I specifically need a Dethatcher, I also need an Aerator. But I've been looking for a roller as well.
22-Apr-2018Tippecanoe, IN(17 miles)Items Wanted
I am looking for bricks that are in good enough condition to be used as a border for a flower bed and pavers that are in one piece to be used as stepping stones. Please let me know if you have anything extra from a project or that you simply do not want anymore. Thanks!
Looking for any color any amount of unwanted paint. Getting my daughter into builing and painting
Looking for a white string window net- old school style. Prefer new-old stock but would consider a nice used one. Shoot me a pic and a price. NAPPANEE, IN 46550 574-849-0006
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